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Default Re: 1.0-6106 for X86-32 thread

Originally Posted by zander
@sleepylight: did you clean the source tree after building the kernel (i.e. is include/linux/version.h missing)? The source tree needs to remain intact after the kernel build, KBUILD won't generate dependencies for external module builds with Linux 2.6.6 and later kernels.

I built the 2.6.7 kernel with the output files redirected to another source. (ie, make O=/tmp/build/kernel). This put version.h and friends in my tmp directory, not inside the kernel source.

I copied /tmp/build/kernel/include/config, /tmp/build/kernel/include/asm-i386, /tmp/build/kernel/include/linux, /tmp/build/kernel/basic and /tmp/build/kernel/scripts/modpost back into my kernel's srouce tree and I was able to build a module. (I also made the asm link in the tree)

However, even though the kernel built the module is not loadable. Is there either a list of required files for correct compelation that I could see, or is there a set of flags that I can use to tell the Nvidia installers to look in 2 locations for the kernel files?
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