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Default 1.0-6106 driver prevents rivatv from reading the i2c bus


I've been using the 6106 driver for a few days, and so far I've been mostly happy with it. The driver seems stable, I don't see tearing in xv anymore, and my ut2004 benchmark runs about 0.4% faster. The one problem I have is that the kernel module refuses to load when rivatv has already been loaded.

This is the error:
NVRM: the NVIDIA probe routine was not called for 1 device(s)!!
NVRM: no devices probed, aborting!
NVRM: this often occurs when rivafb is loaded and claims the device's resources.
NVRM: try removing the rivafb module (or reconfiguring your kernel to remove
NVRM: rivafb support) and then try loading the NVIDIA kernel module a gain.

Note that that says rivaFB, and not rivaTV; I don't have rivafb loaded at all. If I 'rmmod rivatv' and then 'modprobe nvidia' again, the nvidia module loads without complaint. I can then 'modprobe rivatv', which loads but no longer detects my card, and no longer provides an i2c bus driver.

I presume the problem is that because the nvidia driver now supports temperature monitoring for nvidia-settings, it loads its own i2c driver that prevents rivatv from accessing the i2c bus. If rivatv can't access the i2c bus, then lm_sensors can't read from the lm99 chip in my graphics card.

Though providing a temperature display in nvidia-settings may be useful for some, the sysfs entries lm_sensors provides can be used in a variety of ways not possible with the nvidia-settings program, and is thus much more useful. In my spare time recently I've been working on a couple shell scripts: one script reads sensor data from sysfs and stores the results in a mysql database; the other script reads the database and formats the results into pretty graphs like this one:

Ironically, the inclusion of temperature monitoring support in the nvidia driver is now preventing me from monitoring the temperature of my nvidia card, and I will probably revert to 1.0-5341 until the problem is fixed; I can think of several solutions.

Solution 1 (if possible):
Move the i2c bus driver from the kernel module to nvidia-settings. I'm pretty sure that it would be able to run in userspace without any special privileges. If so, rivatv could work again and all users would benefit.

Solution 2 (if possible):
Have the nvidia kernel module allow other queries to the i2c bus to "pass through" it. I don't know if that is possible, but then rivatv could work again and all users would benefit.

Solution 3:
Remove the i2c driver from the kernel module and have nvidia-settings read sensors data from sysfs like other well-behaved Linux programs. Rivatv would work again and Linux fans would applaud the cooperation with existing open-source programs, but newbies might have trouble resolving the dependencies.

Solution 4:
Do the same as solution 3, but have nvidia-settings fall back on internal i2c driver if no sysfs data is available. Newbies wouldn't have trouble anymore.

Solution 5:
Have the kernel module attempt to grab the i2c bus, but continue to load even if it can't. Thus, users who want rivatv and lm_sensors instead of nvidia-settings can 'modprobe rivatv' before loading nvidia. Users who don't know better won't load rivatv at all but will still be able to see temperature data in nvidia-settings. Print some appropriate messages in appropriate places to educate users.

I would really appreciate it if somebody were to pay attention to this. Andy? Please?


Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe
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Linux 2.6.7-mm4
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nVidia 1.0-6106
rivatv CVS with this patch:
lm_sensors CVS
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