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Default Re: 1.0-6106 for X86-32 thread

Hi there,
6106 fixes the freezing problem with Athlon 64 and 32-bit mode Linux. However, I experience the annoying random flicker described in another thread of the forum. It happens only when using 2D applications (i.e. KDE), not in 3D. While playing movies, after the flicker every video player can't produce output (only a black - or black and a blue square) until I switch to a text-mode console (CTRL-ALT_F2) and I turn back to X; then it runs correctly ('til the next flicker, of course).
Logs don't seem to explain this, the only suspect thing is that there are 2-3 lines reporting the nForce AGPGart compliant lines (I have a 5700Go FX on a nForce3 chipset, it's a 1511LMi Acer laptop).
Should I try to recompile the kernel (2.6.6, Debian sarge) without enabling AGPGART and using nVidia AGP, or is it a known bug?
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