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Default Re: 1.0-6106 driver prevents rivatv from reading the i2c bus

Originally Posted by zander
I guess you could hack either driver to not claim the device as described above, but I wouldn't recommend that (two drivers accessing the same piece of hardware is one too many).
Thank you for both your replies. I confess that I am rather ignorant about the low-level operation of drivers.

I understand that two drivers shouldn't access the same hardware; however, I know that rivatv and previous versions of the nvidia driver intereroperated without any problems (of which I am aware). I pursued the issue here instead of contacting the rivatv developers because I percieved it to be the change in nvidia's driver breaking rivatv.

I looked in the source files of both rivatv and the interface to the nvidia driver, but my knowlege of C is way too limited for me to even be able to figure out a hack. Do you happen to know what the right fix for the situation would be, or should I ask the rivatv folks?

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