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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 3.0 performance

Just a sec MUYA...
Originally Posted by Riptide
My comment was aimed at whoever told the reviewers that date, not the reviewers themselves. They aren't guilty of anything other than being fed a bunch of BS.

I think the DX9 angle to this can't possibly be true, becuase if it were then that means that MS told CryTek that SP2 was to be released on Monday. I find that doubtful.
Well that is assuming that links (and fair warning related) to the XPSP2 RC2 would not be provided upon availability of the 1.2 patch. I agree that it is doubtful they would do so, but rather to wait for the "official" release of SP2. However, we don't really seem to know either way. So flying the BS flag might be a bit premature. I can appreciate you being a bit miffed and it's easy for me to be so understanding since I have the patch. I'm sure that the delay is for the best though.
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