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Default Re: RHEL v3 and NFORCE unified driver

Originally Posted by Chuck Roast
For Nvidia: I suspect there is a typo in something with the src.rpm that is causing this problem. One, the alias for eth0 was not written into modules.conf and then it is changed to nvenet on a reboot. I will manually change the file each time I reboot, but I hope you can come up with a better solution. Thanks for your time!
Thanks for posting all this! I have had exactly the same problem running Centos 3.1 - which is a RHEL v3 variant.

I grepped through everything looking for the command to modify that would stop the "alias eth0 nvnet" line in /etc/modules.conf getting rewritten to "alias eth0 nvenet" on startup, but with no result.

The (slightly embarassing) solution I came up with was to copy the nvnet.o module to nvenet.o (in /lib/modules/2.4.21-9.0.1.EL.c0/kernel/drivers/net on Centos). I have not had any more problems with modules.conf getting rewritten. Can't say I have exhaustively tested this though. Will report back if anything else comes up.
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