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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmarks - Shader Model 3.0 performance

Originally Posted by MUYA
Last warning....Sm2.0 vs sm3.0 performance in Far Cry in this thread only please.
Don't you flip me off you uncouth baby!

(kidding, of course)

I was very impressed by the gains I received on my 6800NU running the sm3 version of Far Cry. The demo allows you to switch dynamically while running it, the framerate JUMPS. How some of the review sites got these 1-2 fps differences in fps is beyond me, I tried running it several ways and still saw solid increases.

What struck me most about it was that this is an add on patch to an engine, it made me wonder what could be done if you designed the engine from the ground up to use things like geometric instancing for every duplicated leaf or blade of grass in a scene? I see this patch, and the 1.3 patch even more so, as a glimpse of next year.
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