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Default Red Hat WS2.1 and 5336

I was having a lot of problems installing the linux graphics driver on WS2.1 update 3

Someone finally gave me this fix that worked for me so I thought I'd post it here to help others.

The other tip is to try WS2.1 Update 4 and 6106.

The problem comes from a compile error. The driver can't compile properly with the default configuration. The workaround is to edit the file rhconfig.h in /usr/src/linux-2.4/include/linux. Open the file with a text editor and comment out lines 31-33 using standard C syntax as shown below:

/*#if defined(__BOOT_KERNEL_SUMMIT) && (__BOOT_KERNEL_SUMMIT == 1)
#define __module__summit

This does not appear to have any negative affects on the system and allows the driver installation to re-compile successfully.

NOTE: This modification may also be needed to properly re-compile other new drivers. In at least one case, the Broadcomm ethernet drivers would not compile properly without this mod.
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