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Lightbulb GeForce 6800 screenshot thread

I will be adding some of my own soon, however if ya got em post em!

Any screen from a game that makes you say "wow", with all the candy turned on. I have some Far Cry screens I will put up later tonight. So if you have a 6800 up to an ultra extreme, show us the money!

A few things I love about my GT; nice min frame rates, hardly any FPS hit for explosions in Far Cry, and awesome shadow details that the card runs fast.

All SWG screenshots 1280x960 with 8xSAA/16xAF, reduced save quality to 60%.Click ze smaller versions. EDIT: I added some Far Cry 1600x1200 screens with the 1280x960 shots, same AA/AF settings applied, 8xSAA/16xAF set through the system.cfg. I am also using the d3d9.dll-3DA Direct3D Wrapper by ToMMTi-Systems. So I am not on the FX path but the standard DX9 one that some call the 'R300' path. So I have no shader replacements or optimizations geared towards the FX in play. In addition I do not have the shaders1.pak installed in my FCData folder. I am using the 61.71 drivers updated over the 61.21s(installed in that manner after purging my system of all graphics drivers in safe mode) with SP2 RC2 installed. The GT is running at 400/550, and my CPU default with 'Turbo' applied by my Abit board's 'GAT' to my 2-2-2-6 timed Corsair 3200 XL ram.

There is one Far Cry shot that is 1024x768 on the Archive level screens, I am aware of it. It carries the same quality settings. I took it apart from these to show the much debated 'floor' in that level.

Painkiller, Lineage II and Dusk are also 1600x1200 8xSAA/16xAF. Dusk was cropped to cut down on the 5mb save size and not reduce the quality. The others are at 50-60% save quality.

SWG-Theed at night

Far Cry-Carrier Level

Far Cry-Research

Far Cry-Archive Level

Far Cry-Bunker Level

Far Cry-Rebellion

Far Cry-Dam Level

Far Cry-Factory Level


Lineage II-Dark Elven Village

Lineage II-Dark Elven Women

Dusk full quality crops that are about 375kb a pop or so. Just click the small pics to link over.

Dusk Ultra-Demo Crops

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