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Default Re: Showdown: BFG 6800 GT vs Gainward 5800 (pics)

Originally Posted by Ruined
The 5800 looks like its going to eat the poor gt

Yes! The GT is cowering in terror. 'Till it's installed, at which point it kicks the everloving #%*! out of the 5800 Ultra. No matter what resolution I set the GT at, Far Cry with all the settings on "Very High" runs between 50-75 fps. Methinks the CPU (AthlonXP 2500+ overclocked to 2147MHz/400FSB) is now the bottleneck.

Only disconcerting thing: the heatpiped 5800 Ultra never got hotter than 75 degrees (I watch the temperature indicator on a second monitor) during gameplay. The BFG 6800 GT OC regularly hits **91 degrees**!! Zikes!!
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