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for any out there that decide to compile the linux drivers at 1am and find yourself getting massive header problems when you know you have the kernel dev packages installed, here's what happened to me.

I had installed Redhat 8.0 then updated (no installed dev packages at this point) to the new kernel 2.4.18-17.8.0

then I installed the packages off the distro CDs I created.

I then tried to compile the new drivers.. was not working.. got the same header errors that everyone else was getting with the NVIDIA not found thing at the end..

The solution?

Redhat 8.0 flags kernel source and kernel updates for passing over.. the autoupdate did not notify me that it had a new kernel source availible after I installed the packages. I ran the updater manually and checked the kernel source to update. Updated it and voila, compiled just fine.

so make sure the packages you installed are for the same kernel version

after that, the HOWTOs posted here are great.. thanks for the support guys..
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