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Default Re: "screen frozen, but mouse pointer moves" bug

i've had the problem as well with no resolution to the problem.

i'm running without AGP atm, but i plan to fix that... someday, lol (i'm lazy). i also get frequent lockups, but commonly get the problem where X freezes and my mouse pointer still moves. i'm unable to operate anything else that the kernel is able to do (for example ctrl+alt+f1 and numlock).

i also changed video cards from my gf2 mx400 to a fx5900u modded to a 5950u, and i had the exact same problems. i previously had an ati 9800 pro aiw, and i seemingly never had these problems with it.

i will mention that 2 times i can think of (probably more), konqueror for KDE caused this type of crash, when clicking on a combo box. i could tell that they were related because of the way it behaved in each situation. a bit hard to explain in text, but basically i just feel it too ironic that i've had multiple crashes of this sort that happened somewhere between clicking the combo box and moving the cursor to the option (only to find out that it doesn't highlight, and i've gotten the nasty bug).

i will try to provide as much more information as possible later -- but for my system specs check my sig.
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