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I can't get it to work at all

If I have glx in my modules list X hangs while showing the nvidia splash screen, the X log says that it seg faulted (sig 11).

The computer is still alive, but X is spinning chewing CPU, the only way to kill it is -9 and that stuffs the console up (I had to login via network to kill it anyway

If I remove glx from the X modules list then the computer hangs hard (numlock doesn't work for example, and it won't respond to pings at all). I don't have a null modem cable handy so I can't check wether I can break into DDB or not.

I just upgraded to 4-STABLE last night.

If it helps the 'preliminary' driver that Matthew Dodd put together using the Linux code worked on this computer.

It has XFree86-4.2.0_1 installed - I can upgrade it though if you think it would help.

Here is the log file->
And the config file ->

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