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Default Re: nVidia FreeBSD drivers v1.0-3203 problems thread

* Definite lockup/reboot issues. This tends to happen after running an OpenGL application, then trying to run another. It seems to happen more often when using the AGPGART from FreeBSD (agp.ko or device agp in your kernel + #define USE_OS_AGP_GART in nv-freebsd.h).
Are there any interesting messages going with this in the system log file (kernel panic, etc)? Does this happen when you disable AGP allotogether?

* When using the AGPGART from FreeBSD, the hw.nvidia.agp.status sysctl vars don't seem to be correct. For instance, it will say AGP is disabled, even though doing a quick 'grep -i agp /var/log/XFree86.0.log' will show that AGP was initialized succesfully.
The sysctl code reads the current configuration directly from the hardware, if in doubt, it's the one you will want to believe.
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