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Default Re: New Forum Record!!

Originally Posted by ultimate17
I'm new here, (just got a 6800 gt) but let me say this placed rocks. I had 600 plus posts @ rage3d and in all that time never felt as welcomed or at home as I do here after the few posts I put down. Nice to see helpful users, instead of flamers demeaning your knowledge or hardware. This place deserves the recognition.
Yes, don't worry, it's all part of our master plan: first we lure you in, then we turn you into one of us! Hehe, oh and welcome to the forums

Anyway congrats to the forum, sure is getting popular, isn't it? I guess the release of the 6800 and the news of Doom 3 going gold were enough to attract a lot of people. Hopefully the trend will continue throughout the year with the release of games like Stalker, Half-life 2, Splinter Cell 3, and even a few console games like Halo 2 (I know there's more than a few posters here who are multi-platform gamers, myself included).
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