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Default Re: Clay's Review of the BFG 6800 Ultra OC

Originally Posted by |JuiceZ|
heh, enjoyed the review man

Only thing I wished you'd done is posted some results from an o'c XT PE along w/ the o'c 6800U. Granted nvidia cards have generally had more head room when it comes to o'cing, still would have been interesting though. And you're absolutely right about the potential for the geforce 6 series because we know what nvidia's driver team is capable of. Perhaps we'll see an update to the review shortly after the *official* 6800 drivers are released next week?
Thanks. Yes, I would have liked to OC'd the X800XT PE but time didn't permit it in this case. I was up laaaaate all of last week as it was.

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to also mention that I made a concious decision not to include the ATI OC'd not solely based on timeframe but also because the review is about the 6800UOC and not the XTPE. I just wanted a reference point and to then show how far the 6800UOC could be pushed and how that compared to the default clocks of the XTPE. In other words, this review was never intended to be a direct "head-to-head shootout".

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