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For Price / Performance it's "teh suck!"

Seriously tho, If it were priced against the low end performers ($100)... it'd be a humm-dinger!

I mean, I disagree that dropping the price to the $250 range would be low enough.

~Matrox needs to rebuild it's reputation... $100 price would do it, and saturate the market "a little" with their product.
~NV30 is around the corner, which will bring the price down of better performers.
~R350 prolly not far behind, same issue, brings down price of better performers
~Surround gaming is a nice novelty... but I ain't got room for 3 bulky monitors, and I sure as hell am not gonna spend the money on 3 flat panels, when I won't even buy 1 (Still waiting for major glow-time reduction technology).


Over-all, nice review, though.

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