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Default Geforce 6800NU overclocking

While I was fiddling around with my Geforce 6800, I noticed some strange overclocking results. Check this out:

60.80 Drivers
325/700: 7800 3DMarks
325/775: 8000 3DMarks
350/775: 8400 3DMarks (highest overclock)

61.72 Drivers
325/700: 8000 3DMarks
325/850: 8100 3DMarks
350/850: 8100 3DMarks
400/850: 9400 3DMarks (highest overclock)

Using the new drivers (which allowed me to clock much higher), nothing really happened with overclocking until - BAM! - I hit the magic 400/850 clock speed! 9400!. I never expected my 6800NU to run that fast. This sure seems to be the "sweet spot" for 6800NU OC'ers. I'm amazed what this card can do. Has anyone else gotten better results?
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