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Default Re: Clay's Review of the BFG 6800 Ultra OC

Here are my temps under following scenarios (I've updated my review to be more specific on temperatures). I ran each of these timedemos for at least five minutes before gathering the temperature values. NOTE: as soon as you CTRL+TAB to the NVIDIA CP you only have about 1 second before the temperature starts to rapidly drop from when the game in window mode had the focus so you have to be quick with the PRT SCR button.

UT2K4 was run in window (fullscreen unchecked) in the UT2K4 game menu.

Far Cry was run in window mode with the r_fullscreen set to 0 (zero/off) value (value of 1 enables fullscreen mode).

- Idle: 47C
- 3DCenter UT2K4 Primeval timedemo: 54C (screenshot)
- Far Cry Custom Carrier timedemo noAA/noAF: 61C (screenshot)
- Far Cry Custom Carrier timedemo 4AA/16AF: 64C (screenshot)
- Far Cry Regulator 1.2 Patch timedemo 4xAA/16xAF: 64C (screenshot)
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