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Default Re: Geforce 6800NU overclocking

Jas28: Impressive. Maybe I'll give those 61.34 drivers a spin. What clock could you hit using 61.72s? Was it lower than 400/900? Do you think I could hit 400/900 if I changed my drivers? I'd really love to break 10K.

ChrisRay: I am running a Barton 2800 with 512mb DDR333 RAM, a Geforce 6800NU (of course), and an Audigy 2 ZS. I would clock it at 3200+, but I got duped into buying a KT400 (333mhz FSB) motherboard). I think you'd see some gains if you upped your core and put all that memory bandwidth to good use ...

Another thing, I'm very impressed with how cool this card is. I played Far Cry for 45 miinutes while overclocked last night, alt-tabbed with the temperature reading in front of me, and it was only 59 degrees!
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