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Mike is in the process of conforming the layout to the new nvnews standard. I hope it won't take too long.

On the topic of 9700/NV30...Don't get me wrong at all, I think the 9700 is a fantastic board, and I have no doubt that NV30 is going to knock everybodys socks off...

However...when I decided to get the Parhelia, I asked myself one simple question...Which board is going to offer me something new? Something exciting? The 9700 would allow me to play pretty much any any resolution, with pretty much any driver tweak enabled. That's kool and all, but I do not believe it really offers something dramatically new.

As I said, all of that will change once Doom III arrives. Clearly, a next-gen part will be a must. But until then, I really don't see any of these parts giving the end-user something "new."

Now, if NV30 were to support something like a Surround Gaming...Then, we're talking about a totally different ballgame. (I can only hope)
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