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Question Mandrake 9.2 problems with FX5700

Hello every1 this is my first post here. I am running Mandrake 9.2 (powerpack), with a AMD 64 bit and I have a Geforce Fx 5700. I am trying to get 3D acceleration working with no luck... I have downloaded and tried to install the 64 bit version drivers but the installation warns me that I am NOT running a 64 bit system and then it quits. I find this normal beacause nowhere in installation of MDK 9.2 you actually point out that you are running a 64 bit proccessor and I think that is because 64 bit market proccessors weren't still out when 9.2 was released. So I donwloaded the 32 bit version drivers and installed them perfectly (no kernel compilation no nothing plain default_install). Then when I try to startx I get a blank screen. I have tried setting Option "NvAGP" from "1" to "0" and vice versa. Still the same thing. When I do "lsmod" I don't see the nvidia driver and do "modprobe nvidia" and get "loading /lib/modules/2.4.22-10mdk/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.o will taint the kernel" but it loads the module with warns. Again when I try "startx" I get the same error. I have done everything mentioned in the ReadMe concerning the XF86Config-4....

One more thing. When I install the drivers and return to "vesa" mode I get some "kdeinit" crashes on load of KDE (3.1.3) and also some other messages/crashes when I close programs normally.

P.S. I have also TRIED installing older drivers that give me the same result.

P.S.2. Wherever I mention getting a blanc screen I have to hard-reboot (press teh reboot button) because Ctrl+Alt+Delete will give the reboot command (i can hear the beep) but it won't actually reboot.

PS.3. I am running on kernel 2.4.22-10mdk

P.S.4. The card works perfectly under windows.
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