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Hey... come on...

yeah, Type Def, it's me... I have been here quite long but suprinsgly no one didn't read my user name as mirrored.

Why on earth everyone is talking about BUYING THREE monitors?? Heck I have already two pretty okay 17 incher CRTs and 2nd hand 3rd one does not cost more than 100 Euros (that's a max.) Of Course I need a bigger table but I think my parents old Dinner table is okay for this.

I know that most of here are Extreme users and many of you have more than one computer. (few ones have on Linux boxes running on some corner) And there's always some old junk left over that will not be sold or will be sold very cheap. So, why not buying few 2nd hand 17 inchers for Surround Gaming? I mean, a year ago there was 2 computers on my parents place: one with 17" Jean Monitor and one slower with 2x15 inchers. after few hours getting used to two monitors, I didn't even think about movin back to that one with only one 17" monitor. (And even when I came back to my student flat, I almost started to hate having only one monitor, though it is 21" HP P1110.)

and yes, I am going go for parhelia on december. Lot's of fun coming up with SG on christmas holiday.
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