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Default Re: Nforce issues with SuSE 9.1

Made some progress! I upgraded my BIOS and changed some setting inside to give Linux and easier time. First, I switched off the PnP OS. Secondly, I turn ACPI off. Installed SuSE 9.1 again. Did just as before, went through the installation tutorial and added all the required development packages, only this time I got a different error at a different point in setting up the development environment. As before here are the instruction that I am using:

Use the following commands to set up your development environment

example% cd <directory with the rpm file>
example% su
Password: ******
example# pushd /usr/src/linux
example# make cloneconfig
example# make dep

What I did was:

computer@linux:/tmp> su
linux:/tmp # pushd /usr/src/linux
/usr/src/linux /tmp
linux:/usr/src/linux # make cloneconfig
linux:/usr/src/linux # make dep
*** Warning: make dep is unnecessary now.

Should I just ignore this message and go ahead with the tar install? Or is there something I can do to force the make dep?
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