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Default Re: Geforce 6800NU overclocking

Well, I used "benchemall" to check if there was a big real-world leap in speed between stock and 400/850. Here's what I found:

Far Cry
Using Max settings.
Map: Fort Demo: BenchemallDefaultDemo

Stock Average FPS: 36.41
Overclocked Average FPS: 37.04

Stock Average FPS: 34.34
Overclocked Average FPS: 35.91

Stock Average FPS: 24.23
Overclocked Average FPS: 26.16

Unreal Tournament 2004
Max details settings

Stock Average FPS: 98.39
Overclocked Average FPS: 97.61

Stock Average FPS: 100.86
Overclocked Average FPS: 100.21

Stock Average FPS: 96.19
Overclocked Average FPS: 95.62

The results speak for themselves - the overclocking really doesn't do anything. At best, we see an increase of 2 or 3 FPS in Far Cry, but at unplayable settings. What do you guys think? For now, it's back to stock for me, until I see a compelling reason to overclock this thing.
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