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Default Re: Do you just inflate your benches then throttle down?

I'll do that but I don't ever use settings I wouldn't use in a game (i.e I don't use settings that aren't stable). I'll use my maximum overclock that is stable and artifact free for benchmarking but usually use a setting less than that for everyday use. In the real world the higher overclock just changes the framerate by a few fps so I don't see a need to keep the card at that level (even if it is stable). I do enjoy trying to get the highest score I can which is why I bother with the higher overclocks. I was playing around with this recently and was able to get a 1000+ plus higher in 3DMark03 by overclocking but of course, like I mentioned already, this only changed actual game benchmarks by a few fps. I was comparing a stock GT to 415/1160.
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