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Default Re: Geforce 6800NU overclocking

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
I think so nvjarret, A lot of people seem to be hard on the 6800 because its not "killing" the 9800XT and 5950 in all situations with AA/AF. Thats mostly because of its memory though.

The card has proven to be very stable for me. And I have enjoyed it a great deal. But I reccomend OCing the memory as much as possible. It will help with AA/AF where the card seems to have a lil trouble at higher resolutions.
The 6800NU pretty much "kills" the 5950 and 9800XT up to 12X10 4X8X at most benches I've seen. It's about the same at 16X12 4X8X. I'd call that a "win/win".

I really like the 6800NU nVJarrett and can't imagine that it couldn't run Doom3 at 10X7 OX0X. If it can't, there will be a HUGE outcry in the gaming world because that would mean 99% of the people who buy it would be royally screwed.
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