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Default 6106 driver UNDERclocks GeForce 6800 ??

I just got a GeForce 6800 (NV40), installed the 6106 driver, and started testing.
I noticed immediately something is wrong with the performance.
So I checked with the nvclock utility what is going on.
Right after the X server starts up, the clocks are programmed to what they
should be. GPU = 400 , mem = 1100
But immediately after an OpenGL program starts up, the clocks drop to
GPU = 300 , mem = 600 !!
My synthetic fillrate benchmark program shows this clearly.
The (single , tiny texture) fillrate is below 1000Mpix/sec , while it was
1100Mpix/sec already on the GeForce4 Ti4600, and is around 1800Mpix/sec
on the 5900-U.

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