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Default Re: Strange video playback problems (2.6 kernels)

i have actually the exact same symptoms

kernel 2.4: everything works fine, meaning:
* xmms scope framerates that are smooth
* scrolling in a kshell smooth, scrolling of mozilla acceptably smooth
* moving around of a window on desktop: smooth, no redraw that is visual

kernel: gs-sources 2.4.25-pre7-r5
agp: disabled (if i enable it either agpgart or nvagp, KDE locks up after 5-10 mins, seems that my graphics card is not very compatible with my mobo)

kernel 2.6: choppy performance
* xmms scope framerate of 0.5 or so. Well, i only see a new scope-function displayed every 2 secs
* scrolling in a kshell -> choppy
* scrolling of mozilla is horrible slow
* moving around of any window creates a huge cpu-load, and u see it being redrawn
kernel: gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.7
agp: disabled (as it was in 2.4)

graphics card: geforce 2 gts 32MB (actually an asus v7700 i think)
mobo: abit kr7a-r
mem: 512MB, 2x256
cpu: athlon xp1700+ (palomino core)

drivers installed: (in both cases)

qpkg -I -v nvidia

i haven't had the time to try other driver versions yet... also, it's a user-system in the sense that all my family members are using it, and i dont really have much opportunities to try to solve this problem...
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