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Angry nvidia tv out -- not a valid TV mode

Hi, first post here.

i have an nvidia fx5200, and i'm trying to run my monitor @ 1280x1024, and clone the full screen to a tv without panning at some lower resolution. I realize i may be venturing into dangerous territory, but I'm prepared...

so, in my xfree86 log, it tells me the only tv modes validated are 800x600 and 640x480. I used a modeline calculator and put in what i would need to run 1280x1024 at the frequency of a tv. i get the modelines, and it seems like the card validates them because it doesn't say "xxx is beyond the vscan" , etc... instead, it says (not a valid TV mode). all that work getting the mode to validate with the tv out, and the card still won't play ball!

so, what are my choices to get a 1280x1024 to clone full to a tv screen. im up for anything like new video cards, vga to tv adapter, etc... the MAN wants it and he doesn't like it when i tell him we can't do it

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