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Default Re: Sat's BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC Review

Originally Posted by zillatech
How about the noise of this card?? I've read on some other sites that its noticeably louder than the X800's and read an end-user review that said the whining pitch of the fan drives him crazy?

I am ready to buy this card except that “noise” is an issue for me and I really don’t want to listen to a video card fan all the time so “how loud is it?”
Just the BFG one or GTs in general? I have an eVGA GT and an X800 Pro and I can't tell a difference in the noise level. My systems are fairly quiet and I can't hear either one above the system noise. Although, on boot you can hear the GT as the fan revs up. Can you provide the link to the review where they mentioned that?

Edit: As far the pics, I can't enlarge any of them until I reach Halo. From Halo on, it works for me. Actually, just make mine a double of what Saz is having. I'm having issues with the same pics.

Edit 2: zillatech, actually, I have read that some have had problems with the fan rubbing against the enclosure when first getting them. It may have been that problem that the reviewer mentioned (b/c it is a loud and annoying sound and could take a while to go away).
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