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Lightbulb How to enable SM3.0 in Far Cry v1.2 patch

Download here

Woot, i bring the news first, im special


To make my thread far superior to other threads im gonna try to include some Info. However, only install these Beta files at your own risk!

To enable SM3.0 You first need a few things.

1) Nvidia NV40 Product
2) SM3 enabled Drivers
3) DX9c Installed
4) FarCry 1.2 Patch Installed
5) The proper commandline to run FarCry with

Assueming you have a NV40 Product, ill go on how to install SM3 Enabled Drivers!

Step 1

First, grab the lateist and greatist Nvidia Drivers off their site.

These drivers DO support SM3, however the INF files are not enabled to do so. However, you can enable this by makeing a simple INF modification.

To do this, i recomend you have WinRAR installed. The Nvidia driver installer is a self extractable Zip file. Right click on the file and choose Extract Here, then select a location you will rember.

Next, browse to that new directory and open the file called 'nv4_disp.inf'. Scroll to the very bottom of this file and paste in this code.

HKR,, D3D_35173345, %REG_DWORD%, 0x61243847

HKR,, D3D_35173345
Then run the file Setup.exe in the same directory, follow the on screen instructions and reboot.

Step 2

The next step is the most difficult, you need to now install DirectX9.0c.

I have taken the liberty of hosting all the files you will need, so download this file and unzip it someware you will rembmer.

The first step is you have to boot into safe mode. To do this, go to Start -> Run, then type in 'msconfig' and hit Enter

Next, go to the boot.ini Tab, and click on /SAFEBOOT
Click on 'OK' then it will ask you if you want to reboot your computer, choose Reboot.

Now you should be in safe mode, locate the files you unrared from the dx9ckit.rar folder and run the programs in this order.


Next, go back into 'msconfig' and uncheck the /SAFEBOOT, when it asks you to reboot, do so. When you boot windows normaly, run dxdiag to make sure your Direct X Version is Direct X 9.0c. If it is you installed it correctly!

Step 3

Here is the most easy step, install the FarCry 1.2 Patch! Simply download it from your favorite source! The install should be self explanitory.

Step 4

Congradulations! Your almost ready to run FarCry with SM3 path enabled!

The next step is easy, simply right click on your FarCry shortcut icon, and go to Properties. Now add the following code at the end of your path in the Target text box.

-DEVMODE "r_sm30path 1"
Here is an example of how it should look like on a standard install of FarCry

"C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Bin32\FarCry.exe" -DEVMODE "r_sm30path 1"
Now run the game, if you see yellow letters at the top saying SM3.0 Beta path is enabled it worked correctly!

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