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Originally posted by Office_Rabbit
When I type $rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA_kernel.1.0-1960.src.rpm as you suggested I get the error:

bash : rpmbuild : command not found

Any help would be appreciated...
(ps - if it's relevant i'm a total linux newbie)
One thing the "$" means you are not "root" or have administrative access.
If you typed the $ with the command it will give you the error.

Here are the steps: (don't type the quotes)
type in "su"
it should ask for a password, this is the root password you set. After you type the password the prompt will change to root@something# or simply #

now type "rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA_kernel.1.0-1960.src.rpm"

It should build ok. If you have RedHat 7.3 or older use rpm --rebuild instead of rpmbuild --rebuild.

You will need to build the NVIDIA_GLX file the same way. If it built ok the installation files will be located in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/ <something>
the <something> could be i386 i486 i586 i686 or athlon

Once you find the files you can install them by
"rpm -ivh NVIDIA*"

I'll try and watch for more question, maybe a few days before I can reply.
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