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Question Re: X800 vs 6800 = Voodoo3 vs TNT2

You compareing 32 bit tnt image quality to old voodoo 3 16/22 bit, witch affected image on global level on pretty mutch every game that came out soon after, 32 bit colors not equal FP 32 precision ,there are no games to show need for it is there ? other then mistery FarCry 1.3 patch with overkill HDR
Not like every game will suddenly use FP32 as minimum aka Unreal 3 , who will be released prolly in few years... so your point is moot it was already said by devs SM 2 vs SM3 is speed moustly only few specific effects can't be done.... so all current games and future games till next gen will run in full glory on both cards , sure few of them will have few extra for Nvidia others will have Extra for ATI
so whats your point Ruined ??

Oh and what do you mean its not same PR its even worse , PR of Nvidia promised free AA , stelar performance , all we got after months of waiting was super hot / loud / card with subpar performance 3DFX never made any ridiculous claims only 32bit vs 16bit withc wasn't a big deal in old days , moust people playd in 16 bit anyways on TNTs for speed i recall ATIs crappy Rage 128Pro series ran 32bit pretty well.
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