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Default Re: X800 vs 6800 = Voodoo3 vs TNT2

I say this is either going to end up like PS 1.1 vs. PS 1.0 or PS 1.4 vs. 1.1. I'm leaning towards PS 1.1 vs. PS 1.0. Personally I prefer FP16 over FP24 and FP32. FP32 will probably make a big difference in Unreal 3 compared to FP24 since Tim Sweeney will be using some very complex algorithms. FP24 doesn't show any improvement over FP16 so far but I think STALKER/HL2 may change that. IMO, HDR is nVIDIA greatest advantage. I'm sure there's a algorithm to be discovered that will be very useful with branching.

I don't like the argument "Company X is doing the same thing 3DFX did," BTW. I've seen it used many times on both nVIDIA and ATI.

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