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Default Re: X800 vs 6800 = Voodoo3 vs TNT2

Originally Posted by msxyz
Some of you fail to realize that, to this day, ATi is in a much better position than NVidia. They've secured contracts with all the major PC manufacturers, and they've much better products in the high volume mainstream market. The GeForce 6800 is a fine piece of hardware and I consider it superior to current ATi offerings but it's not enough.

I work in a rather big shop and I've seen the turn of events. The only NVidia card people still ask me for is the 5900XT; as for the rest, we've litterally dozens of Fx5200/5600 nobody wants that we throw in the low end PCs we sell. The 9600 in all its flavours is the best seller and, with the 9800 reaching the same price range of the 5900XT, people are willing to spend a few bucks more to purchase ATi's card. Brand recognition surely has helped NVidia in the past year and saved her from complete disaster with the FX line, but even common people have now accepted ATi as a worth competitor.

I think NVidia needs a good midrange offering as fast as possible to win back OEM contracts and the public opinion confidence.

Well, it appears it is your shop that has the shortcomings, not including the 5700 series and probably allowing ppl to walk out the door with 9600SE's or any other card with a 64 bit memory bus...

Both companies offer a robust midrange, including cards that are not in production any more, but still circulate through the consumer channel...

NV: 5600U (whether you like it or not, it's still midrange compared to the performance of the actual low-end cards out now), 5700NU, 5700U, 5800NU, and the inexpensive flavors of 5900...

ATI: 9500P (if you can fnd one), 9600P, 9600XT, 9700NP, 9700P, and the inexpensive flavors of 9800...

... and the whole "public opinion confidence" thing... well, I really think it's split down the middle, and not as important as you emphasized. The OEM market is the bread and butter, and features a totally different dynamic than the enthusiast market (of which a large majority for some reason thinks that the companies only stay afloat BECAUSE of the enthusiast market when in fact as I've stated before they are providing and have been providing a great bonus of a service to the enthusiast market for years by offering us the kind of cards/features they have, creating marketing schemes and spending advertising dollars, and being involved in the enthusiast community itself), and I do believe NV has the market share lead. IMO they both deserve equal pieces of the pie, as they both have excellent product. For the OEM. And for the enthusiast.

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