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Default Re: X800 vs 6800 = Voodoo3 vs TNT2

Originally Posted by Ruined
Yeh that was PR BS but it wasn't the same as 3dfx's V3 PR BS. 3dfx actually didn't have a feature and claimed they had one that was just as effective, ATI is doing the same today.
Actually, nVidia did the same with the FX5800; they claimed it had "full 8 pixel pipelines", which it did not have. Granted, it had 8 "zixel" pipelines, but it just isn't the same thing. Moreover, nVidia claimed floating point render target support for FX5800, but the support isn't exposed in the drivers even today. ( See e.g. ) So, nVidia does that too, as do all the other vendors...

It seems to be a common trend for all companies in the industry that the marketing droids lie their pants off until the company's engineers' faces turn from red into purple. Then the droids know it's time to stop for a while.
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