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Default Re: X800 vs 6800 = Voodoo3 vs TNT2

I did a side by side comparison between the voodoo 5 and a Creative Geforce 2 mx (DDR) in 2001 and found that the mx was faster in opengl and direct3d games, a lot faster in quake 3.

In addition the image quality was noticeably sharper and the colours more vibrant.

This is in 16bit colour, no FSAA. 32 bit killed the frame rate on the mx though and the voodoo 5 came out ahead.

By that point 3dfx had been absorbed with no new drivers and nvidia had made big improvements through driver tweaks especaially in things like quake 3 and 3dmark.

I think that we're in a much better position now than in 99.

Then you had a lot of glide, opengl and direct 3d games with more competing chipsets out there. Now its nearly all direct3d and you have ati and nvidia to choose from. If you pay for a £100-£150 card you can play anything thats out now well. Maybe not high levels of fsaa but you didnt have that back then

At least if you have ati or nvidia now the current & future games'll probably work if not now soon through a driver release. Feel sorry for all those poor guys who bought s3, matrox, power vr & kyro or even 3dfx, when most games started to require hardware t & l or looked rubbish because they lacked texture compression support.
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