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Default Re: Power Supply / 6800 Series Sticky

Originally Posted by kahloq
You really didnt need to do that. I have an Alienware as well and it also has the 420 watt PSU(18a on the +12). I have a 6800 Ultra and have been able to OC it to 454 core and 1280 memory with absolutely no problems. I also have 4 hardrives, 2 optical drives, 8 case fans(including a vantec dual fan pci card), cathode lighting, etc.

How old is your Alienware? I have the predator case. Both that and the previous tower cases Alienware used are ATX. The Predator is just the same case as the previous one with a new face lift overtop.
My Alienware is 5 years old
It has a 300 Watt power supply with the 12V rail giving 15A.
It was the first Pentium 4 with Williamette i850 chipset.
I upgraded from the 1.5 gig to a new 3 gig on a 400Mhz bus.
( Just got a new processor with adapter from )
Do you think I could have run the PNY 6800 ULTRA with my current power supply?

Alienware Area 51 system / Pentium 4 3.0 / 2 Gig Rambus PC800/ PNY Geforce 6800 Ultra at 425/1100/ 61.77's /Windows Xp Home and Windows Media center 2005 in dual boot / ATI HDTV tuner card / EVGA dual analog TV tuner card ( I can record 3 shows at once, SUckazzz!!! ) / Directx 9.0c / Adaptec 26160 SCSI adapter 2 SCSI 36 GIG Seagate Barracuda HD / 2 External firewire Maxtor 180 gig drives / Soundblaster Audigy 2 / Logitech Z-680 5.1 speakers / Sony GDM-FW900 24" widescreen monitor / Pioneeer 16X CD ROM / Adaptec 12/16/32U SCSI CD burner / Microsoft Natural Internet Keyboard / Microsoft Intellmouse / PCPOWER and Cooling 510 Deluxe 650 watt power supply 12V @ 34A
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