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Default Re: Is there a way for me to block out a section?

Originally Posted by Gator
Without labeling myself right or left, I'm just gonna say that a lot of the topics in the Political Section catch my eye and sometimes aggrivate me. But fact I joined Nvnews for tech talk, not political talk. In fact it really aggrivates me to also see people throw politcal comments in their signatures and avatars.

I honestly just wanna shut out the Politcal Section from my sight, is there a way to do this? This includes seeing new threads posted in that section when viewing from the forum root.

Why don't I just participate in Political discussions if I have something to say? Because political talks can bring out the worst in people. I'm here to talk tech not politics.

I'll look into this but I don't think you can "hide" forums from yourself. There is likely a vB hack for this if it's not a default option though.

Regarding what people put in their sigs. We're not going to run this site like a bunch of communists so unless there is something that is just way out of line we'll not police it. One recent example was that of people having avatars urinating on something (i.e. the infamous Calvin sticker we've all seen on a truck before). That was deemed to be too vulgar and just all around flamebait (as it was usually urinating on an ATI or NVIDIA corporate logo).

If you don't like the political verbiage that you see in some sigs you can always turn off your ability to view sigs. Hope this helps.
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