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Default Re: Is there a way for me to block out a section?

Originally Posted by Clay
I'll look into this but I don't think you can "hide" forums from yourself. There is likely a vB hack for this if it's not a default option though.

Regarding what people put in their sigs. We're not going to run this site like a bunch of communists so unless there is something that is just way out of line we'll not police it. One recent example was that of people having avatars urinating on something (i.e. the infamous Calvin sticker we've all seen on a truck before). That was deemed to be too vulgar and just all around flamebait (as it was usually urinating on an ATI or NVIDIA corporate logo).

If you don't like the political verbiage that you see in some sigs you can always turn off your ability to view sigs. Hope this helps.
Ok, lemmy know if those changes are possible. I will say that Rage3d has the capability to click off sections of the forum. For example, since I no longer use or own any Radeon cards, I have the entire Radeon section turned off so I can scroll to the other sections in less time. Could Nvnews possibly do something like this?

And what's deemed offensive in an avatar or signature is purely a personal preference. For example, what a right wing conservative finds offensive a liberal left wing person might find to be funny. I'm not saying you guys should be communists or facists, but in my opinion this is a technology forum so really no avatars or sigs should be of a political nature. Again this is just my opinion, it's not like I'm shedding tears and screaming attrocity just because someone has an annoying avatar or sig. And I'm not gonna turn off those options either, they are crucial when someone posts a question regarding their computer and you use their system specs in the sig as a reference.
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