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Default Re: Is there a way for me to block out a section?

Originally Posted by Gator
Ok, lemmy know if those changes are possible. I will say that Rage3d has the capability to click off sections of the forum. For example, since I no longer use or own any Radeon cards, I have the entire Radeon section turned off so I can scroll to the other sections in less time. Could Nvnews possibly do something like this?
Right, like I said I have no doubt that it is possible. I'll look into it.

Originally Posted by Gator
And what's deemed offensive in an avatar or signature is purely a personal preference.
Sure, you're exactly right of course. However, this is a privately owned/run forum. I've likened it in the past to a party at someone's house. If you don't like the fact that the host's house has a picture of Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton in their living room...what would/could you do? What if a fellow party goer wore a "Make love not war" t-shirt? What if they were discusssing their political views to a group of other guests and you simply overheard bits that you didn't agree with? I think you see my point.

Don't get me wrong, you're approaching this topic very well IMO. At the same time though, we all agreed to the same terms when we requested membership here. If MikeC tried to appease everyone with things like this then he'd never get anything done.
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