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Default Re: Is there a way for me to block out a section?

Originally Posted by Clay
...Don't get me wrong, you're approaching this topic very well IMO. At the same time though, we all agreed to the same terms when we requested membership here. If MikeC tried to appease everyone with things like this then he'd never get anything done.
You know what, you're right, this is a privately owned forum and as an active member I agreed to accept certain things. I'll just continue to ignore annoying avatars and sigs, even if does get under my skin a little. Sorry for the trouble.

Originally Posted by Clay
Oooh, you mean these?

Yeah those are just the collapsable buttons. Those apply to the entire section. I thought you wanted to actually "hide" a certain forum from yourself. The latter is doable but, again, I think it would take a hack. JuiceZ is our vB master so I'd have to defer it to him.
Ya those collapse buttons are really nice, I love that feature of VB3. Lemmy know if you can get to affect sub sections and not just entire sections.
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