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Default Re: Is there a way for me to block out a section?

Originally Posted by Gator
You know what, you're right, this is a privately owned forum and as an active member I agreed to accept certain things. I'll just continue to ignore annoying avatars and sigs, even if does get under my skin a little. Sorry for the trouble.
No problem at all. I'm always more than happy to discuss questions/concerns with members if they are sincere and sensible as you obviously are.

Originally Posted by Gator
Ya those collapse buttons are really nice, I love that feature of VB3. Lemmy know if you can get to affect sub sections and not just entire sections.
Ok, I must admit that it's not going to be at the top of my "todo" list but I'll look into it as I find time. You might want to PM JuiceZ about it too and see if he has any ideas.
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