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Originally posted by Office_Rabbit
Thanks for the advice - but it doesn't work

It still says that rpmbuild --rebuild and rpm --rebuild are unknown commands.

What should I do now?
You are running RedHat 8.0?

before the run the rpmbuild command type in
"ls" or "dir"
do you see the NVIDIA-... files?

if not you need to be in the same directory the NVIDIA files are in.

If you see them try rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA-k(hit the tab key) the rest of the filename should be auto typed in. Remember filenames are case sensitive unlike windows.

What type of CPU do you have?

if that don't work type in
"locate rpmbuild"

It should give a list of directories and rpmbuild will show up somewhere like /usr/bin/rpmbuild

then you might try the location if gives you:

/usr/bin/rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA-k (tab key)

I hope your not to lost, post if it works, if not answer my questions.
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