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Default Another B&W TV-OUT SVIDEO

I have a MX 440SE Video BIOS version running driver version (I think) 1.0-4363 dated 4/19/2003 on Debian. It works fine on my monitor, but when attaching to my 32" Sharp TV via a standard SVIDEO cable (no adapter to composite) I only get black and white on the TV. My XF86Config-4 file is attached along with the log. If I change the Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO" to Option "TVOutFormat" "COMPOSITE" it does work in color, but it's all washed out since I'm not connected via Composite connectors. Same thing if I comment out that line. I've tried two different SVIDEO cables that both work on another computer in Windows (no bent pins). I've read so many threads on this problem but it seems like nearly everyone else is using an SVIDEO to COMPOSITE adapter and setting their's to COMPOSITE fixes the problem. Does anyone know how I can fix this on mine since I'm not using COMPOSITE at all?? I am using Twinview and it's in perfect color on my regular monitor.

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