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Originally posted by Office_Rabbit
I am running Redhat 8.0

I moved to the directory and tried everything you suggested - same response (command not found).

My CPU is an AMD Athalon on an Asus motherboard.

When I typed "locate rpmbuild" it gave the following locations:

I tried the location it gave me and it said there was a "segmentation fault".

So to conclude - still stuck ;[
I have not used this new feature before but go to the "packages" program. It should be under System Settings menu. Go to the development section and make sure Development Tools and kernel development are checked. Then click update, I think will ask for the correct CD.

If you look at the details the rpm-build should be checked.

It looks like the rpmbuild command is not installed or has some how been deleted, the above step should install it.

If that works use the rpmbuild --rebuild --target athlon NVIDIA-kernel tab
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