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Talking Re: Far Cry benchmark

Originally Posted by therapture the A64 3200+ so much faster than an equivalently clocked Athlon Mobile, that it would account for 30fps difference on benchemall's default maximum detail runs????

I mean my Mobile chip is at 2.4ghz (@3400+) and I only get:

run# 0: Average FPS: 45.98
run# 1: Average FPS: 46.85

I compared my scores with several other P4 rigs in the 3.1ghz range, and a bunch of other XP's and it seems close...I just expected more from this cpu considering I had been on Intel P4's @3ghz for a while before I got this...

Oops forgot to update my signature , i have Athlon 64 3700+ it runs at 2.4 Ghz , and yes clock for clock athlon 64 is realy fast oh and its all stock absolutely nothing overcloaked
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