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Unhappy Xorg, Nvidia -> black screen of death.

Motherboard: Tyan Thunder K8W
CPU: AMD Opteron 244
OS: Gentoo, with latest updates.
Video Card: GeForce FX 5700
Kernel: gentoo-dev-sources 2.6.7-r11 (or ANY kernel, I've tried a bunch)
X server: Xorg (latest version provided by gentoo).
Nvidia driver: latest 1.0.6106 via gentoo ebuild.

Symptoms: Issuing the 'startx' command results in the black-screen-o-death and X comsuming all CPU cycles. I have to remotely log in to reboot, which hard locks the machine as soon as X is killed (or killed by hand). This is when the nvidia driver attempts to use the agp built into the kernel. Works fine if card is allowed to drop into PCI mode (but then I get slow desktop refreshes :-( ) Examining /proc/drivers/nvidia/agp/* shows that when in agp mode everything looks good and should be working.

What I've tried: Searched gentoo lists, this list, googled. Tried different kernel versions. Tried disabling things that has worked for others (USB2, multi-CPU support,..). Different kernel boot parametetrs. Turned off IOMMU so I could disable AGP in the kernel and try drivers built-in agp support. Various changes in my xorg.conf file. All of these show the same problem: black-screen-o-death if you try to use agp. <sigh>

What I've attached: I've attached the output from nvidia's bug reporting script when the black-screen-o-death was in effect. I've attached the grub conf file I used. I attached my kernel config file (2.6.7-r11 of gentoo-dev-sources). I also attached my xorg.conf file.

Can someone please either tell me what I'm doing wrong, or tell me it will only work in PCI mode or that there's a bug that needs to be fixed in something first for it to work for me.

A most greatful thanks to anyone providing insight into this issue. I'm on the edge of just accepting PCI mode and living with it.

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