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Default Re: Power Supply / 6800 Series Sticky

Originally Posted by Sc0rp10n
it's great to hear you say that. are you sharing any power cables between the video card and any other components? i just installed my card and had to share some power cables with the card. i guess i could make some other components share and use two exclusively for the card.

this brings up a stupid question. can i harm my new card at all by having it underpowered by sharing cables with other components? or will i just have screen corruption, lockups, etc?

If you have 4 molex lines, send one to the primary of the vid card and NOTHING else on it. no y splitting to other components.
The 2nd molex line send to the 2ndary molex connection on the 6800 U and you may y spilt it off to some fans(no more then like 3 if necessary. Do not have HD's or optical drives on either line that goes to the 6800 U.
Use the 3rd and 4th molex lines to connect all of your other components and try to balance the load on each line. So for example, if you have 2 HD's and 2 opticals, use the 3rd molex line for the HD's and also for like floppy drive. USe the fourth line for opticals and additional fans and any other components that need a molex.
Just so you know, I have 4 HD's and 2 opticals. Fortunetly, 2 of the HD's are sata and my PSU has a seperate line for sata connections(2).

In my rig, with a 420 watt PSU with 18a on +12 the connections are as follows:
1st line goes to 6800U only(primary).
2nd line goes to 6800 U(2ndary) plus 3 fans...which includes a vantec dual fan pci card.
3rd line goes to optical drives and 4 fans.
4th line goes to 2 HD's(IDE) and one fan plus floppy.
5th line(which is SATA) goes to the two Sata drives as you cannot connect anything else on these lines due to different connectors(unless you get an adapter).

If you dont have SATA drives then you dont have to worry about the 5th line, unless of course you got SATA drives but NO dedicated SATA power connectors and are having to ysplit off and use an adapter on one molex line. If that is the case then still use the example above.
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